How Do Video Game Rentals Work?

People who love playing video games usually run down to the local video store to borrow the latest titles. Online game rentals work on this exact same principle but with one major difference. There are no late fees, you get to borrow any game for as long as you like and games are delivered to your door step.

How Do I Rent Games Online?

The video games market is just has huge as the movie industry and with such a market you'll find yourself with many online video game rentals companies. Gamefly and Gamerang. are the most well known video game rental companies in America. Each rental club contains more than 6500 titles each with the capabilities of same or next day deliveries. Both the companies match with each other evenly and both are perfectly tuned to perform better and to attain the renting facilities. From our reviews all our top 3 picks consist of game trailers, previews and codes which in our opinion, a great added bonus.

Membership Costs

The customers are very keen to select both the titles new and old. The membership fees of these rental plans usually vary from $7.95 to $14.95 per month (fees can change on the second month onwards), the rate also depends on the number of video games you want to rent at a time. The supported consoles are, PS1, PS2,PS3, PSP, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, DS, Gameboy Advance and GameCube. That's pretty much all of the major consoles on the market.

If you want to rent video games the online rental companies are the best way to start with. It takes 2-5 working days to make the delivery. Play these games till your heart’s content, then return the game in the same packet you received it in and wait for the next delivery.

No More Hidden Cost & Late Fees

Since there are no late fees and no hidden costs your able to keep playing the games you’ve borrowed and only return them when you feel like it. You are able to purchase any game or even the game currently in your possession. One of the major benefits of buying from these rental companies is that the games are slightly cheaper than your local video store.

The very first task is to register with one of our top 3 recommended video game rental companies. Gamefly is offering a 10 day free trial with 2 video games at a time and if you are happy its $22.95 per month after the free trial.

Delivery Times

You might want to call the rental site that you’ve signed up with and ask them how long it will take for you to receive your games. Gamefly, and Gamerang all have numerous distribution centers in each corner of US, therefore you do not need to wait more than 4 days from the day your consignment is sent by the company. In the worst case you might wait up to 7 days if you live very far from these distribution centers.

Further, you are strongly advised to check out the advantages and collection of the online video game club.

Sick of late fees? Not finishing games before returning them? Rent video games online and play for as long as you like. No late fees! Over 7000+ titles to choose from.

Free Trial Game Rentals (GameFly)
2 Games For 10 Days Free!
$22.95 per month if you're happy.

Video Game Rentals Comparison Table
Overall Rating Membership Price Buy Read Review Number of Game Titles Delivery Time Console Range Member Features Trial
$7.95* 7000+ 2-4 Days 10 Day Free Trial
(2 Games)
$6.95** 7000+ 3-5 Days None
$14.95* 6000+ 2-4 Days None
GottaPlay $11.95 4000+ 2-4 Days None

* First month cost only, second month can be slightly higher read full review for details (2 game per month plans)
** 1 game per month plan only
first month trial

Video Game Rental Review