Gamefly Adds Digital Download For PC Game Rentals

Date: 10th September 2011

GameFly possible the biggest game rental business in the USA has just released a beta version of their latest program. This new beta service allows their current subscribers to rent from 1500+ PC titles via digital download. This is huge news to the game industry as you can now digitally rent games instead games being posted by mail. The subscription model will still apply where customers can only rent for example 2 games at any time. Mac games are in discussions and GameFly plans to include them at a different date.

So until they stop subscribing for the game they won't be able to play other games. The games they rent digitally will only be available with an active subscription. You can now sign up to closed beta from September 8th onwards.

Watch this video on the Digital Beta from GameFly.

Source: GameFly

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