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1st Month Fees From: $7.95
2nd Month Onwards From: $15.95
# of Game Titles: 7000 +
Days Till Arrival: 2-4 Days
Console Range:
Service Features:
Free Trial: 2 Games for 10 Days
Free Two-Way Shipping
No Late Fees
No Due Dates
Xbox & Xbox 360:
PSP, PS1, PS2 & PS3:
Game Cube:
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PC Games: N/A
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GameFly Review

Let's face it - Not everyone can afford to buy the latest gaming titles that the video game industry has to offer. With companies like EA Sports, Sony, Microsoft, UBI Soft releasing new games every year, it becomes difficult for gamers to get their hands on them.

With that the video game rental service industry was introduced. GameFly is one of the many gaming rental services and probably is the best at what it does.

GameFly provides gaming titles for all the available gaming consoles, i.e., Playstation 1, 2, 3 and the PSP, Xbox and the Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii and finally the Game Boy Advance. All of these services are offered through GameFly’s website. With over 8000+ video game titles available, whatever game you want, you can find it here. With each games, GameFly provides screenshots, descriptions, videos and cheats too.

Once you become a member, you will be able get your hands on the future game releases by listing them on your queue list. With the membership, you will not be charge any shipping fees and you can have your next game sent to you even before the game the you played before arrived at the distribution centre. With GameFly there is no almost zero commitment as members are free to cancel their membership at any time with no exit fee.

How Gamefly Works

All you do is pick the games you want to borrow and add them to your queue. The queuing system allows members to create a list of 50 games that they would like to play in a periodical order. Gamefly's queuing system will automatically deliver the next game in the queue as soon as the previous game is returned.

GameFly doesn't impose due dates or late fees. As long as you return the previous game by simply putting it in the return envelope and post it, your next game will be on its way to your mail box. If you like the game you're renting, you also have a choice to purchase the game at a discounted rate.

Gamefly Rental Plans / Rates

The rental plans offered by GameFly includes:

More Games Out At A Time

Once you have subscribed to the service for more than 60 days and your account is in good order, you will be offered a choice to rent more games at these price:

Games Delivered To Your Door

Delivery of games usually takes 2 - 4 days, and with their new distribution centre in Pittsburgh, PA, GameFly has pretty much taken care of its east coast logistical problems, and combined with their California distribution centre, they are in a very good position to cater to the whole country.

Help and Support

While the service has a good FAQ section and an email option to reach customer support, they don't provide a phone number. However, they do offer live chat 7 days a week for members in the Account Activity section of the website to handle all live enquiry online.

With its easy interface and navigation system, quick shipping and huge game selection, it is safe to say that GameFly is one of the best video game rental site in the market.

Video Game Rental Review