Unlimited 1 Game / Month:
(1st Month Trial)
Unlimited 2 Games / Month
(1st Month Trial):
Unlimited 1 Games / Month
(2nd Month Onwards):
Unlimited 2 Games / Month
(2nd Month Onwards):
# of Game Titles: 7000 +
Days Till Arrival: 3 - 5 Days
Console Range:
Service Features:
Free Trial: -
Free Two-Way Shipping
No Late Fees
No Due Dates
Xbox & Xbox 360:
PSP, PS1, PS2 & PS3:
Game Cube:
Game Boy Advanced: -
Nintendo Wii:
Nintendo DS:
PC Games: -
DVD Movies: -
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GameMine Review

Update: Gamemine has just reduced their 1st month trial from $8.99 to $6.95!

Gamemine is recently added into our video game rental reviews because of its rapidly improving service and it's constant increase in the number of games available for rental. From only 4000 games, Gamemine has now caught up to Gamefly; having over 7000 games available and with their latest complete website make over, GameMine is slowly but surely climbing up the market ladder and ours to No.2.

Just like Gamerang and Gamefly, you are entitled to two-way delivery, no due dates or late fees apply. Games are available for PS3, PS2, Xbox360, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube, DS, PSP, and PSP movies and you get to buy the games you want to keep.

Additional features that you usually find with other non-rated video game rental services would be their 2x speed delivery. This is one of the best services you can definitely enjoy because this service enables you to receive your next game upon returning your previous ones before they actually receive it so you can play your game continously without having to wait.

Searching for games at Gamemine is as easy as ABC. You can search for the games by title, in alphabetical order, release date, genre, publisher or rating.

Plans and prices

Gamemine offers 4 different membership options as listed below.

And as a bonus, you can also get free months when you refer your family and friends to their game rental service.

Help and Support

Gamemine has great support system. You can easily access to their support tram via email, phone calls, or by simply going through their FAQs. Gamemine is also easily accessiable through live
chat. There are only two game rental services that offer live chat; our top rated service, Gamefly and Gamemine.

Gamemine provide live customer support Monday thru Saturday from 11AM to 5PM by email or simply by dialing 561-450-5123 as well as social media (Facebook and Twitter).


Overall, with its improved features and website as well as its growing video games library, Gamemine could just be the game rental service you're looking for.

Video Game Rental Review