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1st Month Fees From: $14.95
2nd Month Onwards From: $17.95
# of Game Titles: 6500 +
Days Till Arrival: 2-4 Days
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Free Trial: N/A
Free Two-Way Shipping
No Late Fees
No Due Dates
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Gamerang Review

Video game rentals are truly a boon for avid gamers, especially for the ones who simply cannot afford to buy the latest games which can have a serious toll on the gamer’s finances because lets admit it, a new game is launched every month and buying them as and when they are released, it’s just not possible.

Although there are many online gaming rental services out there, GameRang is among one of the best. Come on, with more than 6500 gaming titles, what else can a gamer ask for? In addition, the best part about this rental services is that they keep the games for all of the gaming consoles.

Free Video Game Rentals With Gamerang

With GameRang around, you would never want to leave your house ever again. A major advantage of GameRang is that the gamers never have to pay any late fees for the simple reason that there are no due dates whatsoever. The member can cancel his membership whenever he wants and the service offers 1 month trail period for $14.95 and $17.95 for every month onwards.

This service is quite similar to other online game rental services, which means that just like them, GameRang too as a kind of wish list for the members that serves the purpose of a queue list in which the members opt the games that they wish to receive in that particular order. When you are done playing with the game and return it to the distribution center of GameRang, the next game from your list is immediately sent to you.

Gamerang Rental Rates / Price

With over 6500 gaming titles and still counting, selection could be a bit tough for the novice gamer who has just stepped into the gaming world. Apart from the wide variety of games sorted into different genres such as action, strategy, sports, arcade, etc., this service also features a variety of gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and something that not most of the game rental sites hardly offer, i.e., GameCube, PSX, etc. When it comes to delivering the games, it hardly takes 2 to 5 working days.

Here's a break down of GameRang's prices:

Gamerang Disadvantages

Everything about Gamerang is great. The only thing that prevents them from beating Gamerang is the cost. Gamerang and Gamerang are head to head in terms of service, game titles, but Gamerang is just a bit pricy.

Game Advantages

GameRang features and offer are very competitive and their price structure is quite fair. They have reliable delivery times and a great range of game titles in a huge variety of consoles.

Video Game Rental Review