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Medical Benefits With Video Games

Health Benefits of Video Games

The following article shows how even an insignificant plaything can prove beneficial medically—the world of video games.

Video games have crept into our homes and become so familiar that they are not considered novelties anymore. Rather, they are viewed a bit negatively as an electronic plaything that spoils the children by negatively influencing their attitudes and way of thinking. Despite their great potential to increase certain abilities, are they any good for physical well-being, is the question. The answer is yes. Recent studies have shown that there are some medical benefits to video games, too.

A video game involves the player in a user interface with the video game program. These days video games are available in various forms. There could be dramatic situations, sound effects, etc. that make the game a near-real life experience for the player.

The player, who masters the game, is benefited by an enhanced analytical ability, flexibility, and adaptability. Various areas of cognitive function are put into good use while learning the rules, goals, limits and controls of the game. Majority of the games require much patience and attention of the players. An observation shows that the point of gratification in such games is much more delayed than in other types of entertainment like books.

It has been observed that video games actually help reduce your weight and help you to keep fit. Popular video games such as Dance Dance Revolution have a screen and a dancing pad platform with arrows in a particular format. The screen shows how to take steps, the player dances to the music matching steps to the rhythm of the song being played.

The steps are to be taken as the arrows shown on the screen. There is also a facility available by which you can count the calories you have burnt during this dance workout. Sounds great, isn’t it? Think of the fun doing it—as opposed to the strenuous physical activity to get the same results, i.e. burning calories.

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Latest research also shows that video games could prove an efficient pain-distracter. In a study, patients suffering from chronic pain were given some video games to play. These games were proved so successful in engaging the players that they forgot their pain during the time they were playing.

Another observation is that the surgeons, who play such games regularly, tend to improve their performance at work—reduction in errors and increasing overall efficiency by a little over twenty-five percent! Not for nothing, now video games are installed at the waiting rooms of medical practitioners.

Don’t be surprised if yet more medical benefits of video games or any other forms of entertainment are discovered soon.

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