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Closer Look At The Nintendo Wii

After checking out the goodies that Nintendo just came up with, it’s safe to say that it is time to move over Sony and Microsoft. Let them fight their little battles on the playground because what Nintendo has to offer has shocked them both. Oh sure, Sony came up with the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Portable whereas Microsoft came up with the brilliant idea of the Xbox 360. However, one thing that these two giants failed to notice was that the sleeping giant, i.e., Nintendo, wasn’t sleeping after all. Because, Nintendo came up with the best innovative technology thereby unveiling the curtains off the Nintendo Wii.

One thing that you have to remember is that Nintendo has always wanted to make gaming a fun aspect and with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii, it is done just that and a whole lot more. The Nintendo Wii is a direct successor of the Nintendo GameCube, which makes it a fifth generation gaming console. However, although this is the fifth generation console. It is in direct competition with Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. For all the Nintendo gaming geeks out there, who thought that the GameCube was the best that the company could come up with, well, think again. With the product launch of the Nintendo Wii, the gaming enthusiasts were in for a great surprise since the product itself exceeded their expectations.

Wii's New Gaming Concept

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Nintendo Wii is the phrase “out of the box” because the concept is truly enthralling. This console is perhaps the sleekest looking one in the history of Nintendo weighing hardly 2.7 pounds with a body of 8.5 inches in length and 6 inches by breadth and 2 inches thick. Although, you may only come across the white polished color of this console, it is obvious that Nintendo will certainly come up with black and other colors shortly; it’s only a matter of time, you know.

Another major advantage of this console is that space would no longer be a problem for storing this console because all thanks to its angle shaped stand, the Nintendo Wii can be kept either vertically or even horizontally. Once you have placed the Nintendo Wii where you want it, the next thing on your agenda should be to plug in the power cable and the different audio as well as the video cables to the TV. With the resolution of 480P and a ratio of 16:9 format, the Nintendo Wii surely promises to be a visual treat for the eyes.

Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller

Apart from these cables, you also have the Wii remote and of course, the Nunchuk. The Nunchuk may sound like a ridiculous name for a controller but it’s somewhat cool too you know. Then you simply have to hook up the sensor bar that is included with the Nintendo Wii and place it below the TV screen. The main purpose of the sensor bar is to allow the gamers connect up to four remotes wirelessly with the help of the Bluetooth technology.

The Wii remote is so powerful that it can actually function within a radii of 30 feet and even works effectively as a cursor within 15 feet radii. However, if you try moving out of the range, you will find the cursor wobbling a bit. The setup process of the Nintendo Wii is really easy. The next and the final step that you have to do is simply put in the batteries in the remote, make some room for playing and well, game on friends.

Now you don’t have to take our word for it, you can simply check out the Nintendo Wii user manual, which gives a step by step instruction about the setup process. Now lets move on to the fun part shall we? As soon as the Nintendo Wii is powered on, you will be asked to create a unique gamer id, which also acts as the id when you are online. Due to this id, the console also saves the games that you were playing and helps you to play the game exactly from where you left off. If you know what you are dealing with, with respect to the Nintendo Wii, you will know that the WiiConnect 24 is one thing that you never want to miss out on.

What Is WiiConnect24

The WiiConnect24 requires an Internet connection and is constantly downloading updates for the Wii, which assures that every morning when you wake up; you are bound to come across something new added to the console. One of the greatest advantages of the WiiConnect24 is that the downloading is done even when the Nintendo Wii console is kept in the standby mode. How exciting is that?

One of the many best things about the Nintendo Wii is that even when you are simply navigating through the main menu of the Nintendo Wii, the remote will actually seem to vibrate in your palm whenever you are hovering the cursor. This feature introduced by Nintendo is nothing short of a genius. Then there is the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel, which acts as an online store through which you can actually download the older Nintendo games so that you can play them on your all new Nintendo Wii. These games would include most of the games that were available in the past Nintendo consoles such as Nintendo 64, Super NES, NES, etc

Shopping For Games With Wii

Another best feature offered by this Nintendo shop channel is making some old classics available such as Bomberman, Sonic the Hedgehog, SimCity, Donkey Kong, Super Mario 64, etc. Nintendo even promises to make some 30 to 35 games available for downloading purposes. Another feature of the shop channel is the unique payment system introduced by the company, which is known as Wii points. These points are easily available in any online store which can be bought via credit card or it can also be bought from any retail store through direct payment.

These points are available in the form of 2000 blocks with each block worth a penny. This simply means that the 2000 blocks could be worth around $20. The NES games will be worth around 200 Wii points, the SNES and the SEGA games for about 800 Wii points and so on.

Built-In Internet Browser

Then there is the Nintendo’s version of the Opera Web Browser which is nothing way to get the users connected online. Although the payment plans for the Internet have not been disclosed yet, Nintendo has hinted that in order connect to the Web, users will definitely have to use their Wii points. This is a typical Nintendo way of keeping its fan wanting for more. Well, when it comes to the Internet, all we can do is simply play along, right? Other additional features would include a weather forecasting feature that enables the user to get a 3D view of the globe thereby obtaining the weather forecast of his city without any hassles.

Additional Nintendo Wii Features

Then there is the News Channel of course which assures the Nintendo Wii users to get the latest news from all over the world. This time Nintendo has hinted that the Associated Press will news press that will supply the users with the news headlines. Another feature would be the Nintendo Wii Message Board which would allow the user to send and receive messages from Nintendo Wii users from all over the world. This would help the gamers to interact with each other thereby sharing information about the latest games of the Nintendo Wii and discuss about anything and everything. Wii photo channel is much more advanced than the one offered by the Playstation 3 because it helps the gamers to manage and share their photos.

That’s because, apart from just viewing and sharing the photos, the Wii also makes it possible to zoom in the images and also allowing the users to create slideshows, store the photos in the images gallery, set up photo puzzles and also sharing these photos as well as the slideshows with other Wii users. Then of course, Nintendo proudly introduced the feature of the Mii Channel which is nothing but an interface that helps the gamers to create their own unique avatars in a caricature kind of style. One of the best things about this avatar feature is that they can be stored in your Wii remote and you can use the same avatar when you visit a friend’s place, provided of course that you are carrying your Wii remote.

Now lets get on to the interesting and perhaps the most unique feature of the Nintendo Wii, shall we? The Wii remote is the huge difference maker in this console since this equipment has a built in speaker, a force adjustment control and of course, a wrist wrap. If you are looking to buy an additional Wii remote, all you have to do is spend an extra $40 and the remote is all yours. All thanks to this innovative marvel, rumors have been sprouting almost everywhere with the most recent one being the EA sports working on the Wii remote so that the players can strap it on to their legs for their upcoming FIFA game. All we can now is that with the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has surely produced a winner.

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