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Playstation Uses and Abuses - Mods

Now lets face it. The Playstation is probably one of the best gaming consoles ever. Common, especially with the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Portable (PSP) out in the markets, Sony has made its presence felt in the gaming market. Avid gamers go ga-ga over the graphics that this gaming console has to offer and can you blame them for that? However, one thing that you should know that not everything is as it looks in merry land. That’s because, there are many uses as well as abuses.

Playstation Awesome Mod

If you have been playing games on the Playstation gaming console, it is obvious that you might have come across a term called “modding”. Well, for those who are not aware of this term, modding simply means modifying or tampering with a piece of hardware. Modding is necessary in some cases because the Playstation is sold in the US as well as in Japan. But, in order to enjoy a Japanese game on a Playstation console from the US is not easily possible.

For this reason, it is important that the user make use of the mod chip, so that the gaming title is compatible with the Playstation console. Lets face it. If mod chips wouldn’t have been there, gamers would actually have had to own 2 separate Playstations for playing the American and the Japanese games. Besides, it has always been seen that the best Japanese games are in Japanese, which makes it difficult for the Playstation made in US to play it.

Modding is seen as an illegal activity, wherein players are getting their hands on the mod chips, which again is harming the Japanese markets with respect to the fact that they are not able to sell their own gaming consoles.

Then, there is the abuse that deals with copying the gaming titles. This is a serious issue because copying the games is nothing but piracy. Then there are the cheating devices that the gamers quite often use, which simply act as normal PC cheats. But, when attached to the Playstation, the players can actually gain access to extra features like the god mode, infinite ammo, etc. Although these cheating devices are not recommended, it’s no surprise that they are very popular.

That’s that for the Playstation abuse. When it comes to the uses, you will find that there are many tournaments held that actually tests the gamer’s skills on the console, especially in games like FIFA, NFL, etc., where the winners walk out with attractive rewards. The winners are treated like celebrities with interviews and 5-star treatment, with many of them endorsing games and other gaming promotional items.

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