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Video Game Designer's Salary

Imagine yourself playing a horror game like Diablo 3 and you get spooked by one of its graphic scenes. You turn your computer off and just relax on your couch. Suddenly a thought enters your mind, how was this game made to look so frightening. The answer to this simple question is video game designing. The video game industry is making billions of dollars by selling various gaming consoles and game titles. It is very natural to desire to be a game designer for the next Halo or WarCraft. Video game designing is becoming one of the most sought after careers due to the ever-increasing popularity of video games.

If you are good with numbers, then video game designing is the career for you. However, a mere fascination for numbers is just not enough. You need to have a very creative mind and a genuine interest in video games. There are many schools that offer training in video game designing. These schools include some popular names like Digital Media Arts College, ITT Technical Institute, DeVry University, etc. Some of the schools also provide internship programs as part of their course modules.

Training programs and courses like Game Art and Design, Game Design, Video Game Console Design can take you a long way in the video gaming industry and help you earn big along the way. Along with proper education, you should also have thorough knowledge of how the video gaming industry works. It also requires a thorough knowledge of how a game works. It means that when you play a game, you should not only know where something is wrong, you should also know what is wrong with it. When we talk of a game-designing career, the prospect of salaries naturally comes up. Approximate salaries for video game designing are divided into broad categories according to specialization.

Video Game Designer Salary Infographic

They are:

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Artist and Animators Salary
Audio Developers Salary
Game Designer Salary
Producers Salary
Programmers and Engineers Salary
QA Testers Salary

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