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Video Game Testers Introduction

Video Game Testers

‘Free Games, and get paid to play them as well’: that’s the profile of a video game tester. Sounds cool, doesn’t it! To qualify for a job as a video game tester is quite difficult and needs you to be a video game player. It may sound simple but a tester has to play the game at each level and try every possible pathway using a number of combinations.  Most video game testers are required to display their ability to play the games to high levels, along with being capable of using software like knowledge of Windows, or other Operating System’s that the games can be run on.

The communication skills are important, oral and written, since they have to describe their experiences when playing the video games.

The tenacity of the video games testers has to be very strong since they have to test the games for long durations. Game testers require innovative thought processes since they have to find dodgy combinations along pathways. For a lot of people playing games are a core obsession, so this makes getting a job as a game tester very competitive. Simply playing the game is of no help; it needs you to meet a few skills in communication, organize and discipline so that you can test the game.  

As a video game tester, there are a number of video games that are to be tested. There are different jobs that use various game consoles like Xbox, Xbox 360, PS –1, PS –2, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube and Computer or PC games. The offers to test games on systems like PS-2 and Xbox are quite common. The games that the testers play have not been released; they are upcoming games. Most of the times, the testers get to keep the game after the project is completed.

Video Game Tester Playing Games

To begin a career in Video Game Testing, initially you have to make contacts. This is because most companies do not advertise their need for a video game tester and only fill the positions through recommendations from employees. Another way of getting a job as a game tester is to approach a game developing company, and inform them of your skills and sell yourself as a super video game tester. Boast of the number of consoles you own, the number of hours you spend playing etc. but maintain a manner of professionalism. Once on the job, understand your assignments. Know the kind of details the company requires, including feedback, errors etc. and play the game accordingly.

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