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Video Game Violence

Viloence In Video Games

Playing video games is fun, nobody can argue with that, but is it okay if you play a game like Grand Theft Auto or Man Hunt? Especially if you are ten years old and your parents are unaware of the amount of violence involved in the game. One should remember that video games were invented for the sole purpose of having fun, not for awakening your aggression and violent behavior.

It is observed that if you play a lot of violent games, your aggression starts to mount in thought. Violence in video games can be traced back to classic games like Mortal Kombat and Wolfenstein. However, in those days, violence was limited to gory graphics and fights. As of now, violence in video games has a completely different meaning.

Today, most of the storylines of games have criminal content. It means the games may have sexual content and an abundant use of foul language. This is facilitated only because of the graphic technology and other aspects of game design. Look at the game Halo; its graphics and designs seem so realistic that if you didn’t know better, you’d think you are sucked into an alternate universe. That is the key; to make a game look violent.

Video Game Viloence

Violence can be seen in Golden Eye. The violence looks so realistic that when Bond shoots any of the henchmen in the neck, the henchman dies in pain, holding his neck. This scene creates a disturbance in the mind of the gamer. Video game violence is seriously affecting the mindset of troubled teenagers. Some teens become loners in schools due to bullying by other kids. One such incident occurred in the US when two teenagers open fired on people while driving.

GTA4 Game Box

When the authorities questioned them, the teenagers confessed that they were encouraged by the GTA game. The amount of violence in video games is a growing concern all over the world. Games like ManHunt have been banned in many countries due to its gory content. Rating agencies like ESRB rate the different games according to content, to keep violence in check. The rating system is same as the ratings given to movies.

Games having violent content have ratings like M (Mature) and AO (Adults Only). These ratings can be found on the reverse of the box, with the game title. The reason as to why violent games affect children the most is that when a child faces a problem, the solutions available to him are rather limited. The kid has no other choice but to relate his problems to that of a game. However, any violent game basically has one and only one rule - Kill or be killed. The effect of this thought on a child can be disastrous.

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